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I had a wine barrel full of beautiful wildflowers this summer and just went crazy taking photographs of the 8 or so different flowers that bloomed. The above image is a table top image I put together with a arrangement of some of the flowers in front of another image of mine that I created from a sunset at White Sands,NM.

I do not do a lot of table top work but it is always nice to stretch my photographic work to include table top work. I did a lot of table tops when I was going to school and when I worked in Seattle but since I do not have the space to set up lighting and leave it up I depend upon natural lighting in the studio area I have now. What fun it can be to try to create new work with items you have around you. Enjoy- and always stretch your creativity to include types of photography that you do not do much of...

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Three pieces of work hanging @ the "Humanity" show - The Darkroom-Longmont@the Bin Currently three of my images are hanging in a show in Longmont,CO at the The Darkroom Longmont @ the Bin. This was a international juried show with the theme "Humanity". The image below is from Patagonia during a hike up to the Italiano Glacier. It represented to me the need for society to have each of us appreciate nature and that we all need markers in life to help us navigate. Trail Markers or "Cairns"- are seen a lot while hiking. That are symbolic and have purpose. Everytime I see a marker I add to it. It seems to bring me peace and I hope good hiking luck.

So if you are in the Longmont area the show is up through July 2017. A preview of all the work in the show is on their website - thedarkroomlongmont


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Great Sand Dunes National Park I had the opportunity to spend a few days in the Great Sand Dunes National Park. This summers adventures are off to a great start. We spent three days camping outside the park but spent most of our time in the park as well has hiking to Zapata Falls just south of the park. Hiking to the top of one of the dunes was our first adventure. We started early in the morning because we wanted to see the strawberry moon set over Medano Creek, see the sunrise and get on the dunes before it got to hot. The dune sands heat up fast in the summer so it was time to get going early and was it well worth getting up at 4:30 to start our day.

I appreciate the folks who climb to the highest dunes. Hiking in the sand is a lot of work so we got in our exercise for the morning. The views were nice once you make it up to at least to the top of a dune - not the highest but up above Medano creek and the valley below.

We camped at the Oasis resort outside of the park since all the camping in the park is full most of the summer. First come first serve sites are taken up quickly and the rest are by reservation and those fill up months in advance. We found the oasis camping to be the best - what a wonderful site and the folks who run the resort were just the best - kudos.

The next day to avoid the heat and the number of folks visiting the park - we headed up to Zapata Falls. It is a short hike but worth the effort. The drive up to the trailhead was very bumpy so it is slow but sure. Once to the creek that comes out of the falls we slowly moved through the rushing water to try to get a view of the fall. I did not quite get around the corner to see the fall because the water was running high and fast so I just managed to get to an area to see the creek and the mist the fall created but that was worth the effort. From up at the falls area there are panoramic views of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains and the dunes. Spectacular..

So if you get a chance to head to Southern Colorado stop in at this magnificent National Park. Lots to see and do..

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Portfolio Review viewing I visited my first Portfolio review viewing at the Redline Gallery in Denver a couple weeks ago. Oh Boy - lots going on and good inspiration. My mission was to get an idea of what kind of work folks were showing, how many images that had reviewed in their portfolio, the types of paper/media they were using to present the work and feed back from the photographers reviewed about what they took out of the process.

The variety of work ran from portraits, still lifes, abstract, landscapes, documentary and projects around a theme defined by multiple images of a subject and events surrounding that subject matter. Very interesting stuff. I have to say there were a number of photographers pursued a similar theme and after seeing a few of them I just passed by the rest.

The quantity and print sizes varied but most of the photographers said that a uniform group-theme- around 15-20 images were put together and placed in open portfolio boxes for the folks like me to handle and view. I was surprised that a # of the photographers that had 50-100 images in their portfolios and that seemed like way to many for me. On person had approx. 75 images to view but it was a grouping of three different themes so that if the reviewer was interested in seeing other aspects of their work it was right there available.

The paper used by a number of the artists was satin paper which viewed nicely and held up will to the handling by all us folks that came to see the work. 8 x 10 / 11 x 14 print sizes handled the best but a number of the artists had larger prints that they presented to the viewer so as to keep the work from getting destroyed. One photographer noted that she wished she had brought her small portfolio version to have on view since the space for each artists was limited due to the number of people participating and for the reviewer to see but it was suggested to have a larger piece or two printed and available to view if that would be a size they might use in a show environment.

Alternative processes were used by quite a few of the photographers and were very nice. Printed on fine art papers the work was interesting. The alternative processes have seen a resurgence along with shooting film again. As with vinyl vs. cd's a love for the past aspects of the fine art of any medium  come around to be used and perfected. Some of the themes utilizing that medium were better then others but that is subjective.

Most of the photographers found the process to work for them. A couple folks said they were still processing the feedback they got & others said that made some good contacts with the reviewers that participated in the MOP portfolio reviews presented by CPAC in Denver and others said they would do it again so as to continue to grow. The idea of doing the review is not just to have important people in the different fields - advertising, publishing, gallery, and agents - see your work but to maybe get a lead on selling or showing.

I still have not resolved my biggest problem of putting together a cohesive group of images that are themed based or tell a story. I have the hardest time be objective about my work but now at least I have an idea of quantity to present, style of presentation and that a theme works will for overall presentation/ showing. So I shall work on getting together images to get into my portfolio so that I will be ready to go for the next opportunity that comes around to sign up for a review and see how it all flows.

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kddimaging products & services

I recently finished working with a Colorado Springs artist -© 2017 Alan Baccarella - - to produce a photograph of his image of the bear he recently finished for a auction in Pueblo. We have worked together over the past few years on photographing and printing edition prints for sale of his wonderful wildlife work. Alan works in pen&ink, watercolor and with the bear art - colored pencil.

kddimaging works with artists to photograph their work for printing, archive and use in social media venues to promote and increase the variety of ways to sell and market the work.  In recent years archival inkjet printing (giclee) has become a new revenue stream for artist because of its archival qualities, paper varieties and ability to represent all kinds of art mediums in a high quality media that for years was to expensive and out of reach for artists wanting to do edition prints of their work. I set the photographs up to be used in social media venues such as facebook, websites,instagram, portfolios,and email.

I enjoy working with artists to produce the work but also the conversations about the works processes and media that I do not work in because it can always give me insight to things I I do not know or wish to learn. The collaboration process can always give the artists new insights on how things work and how things can be done differently from our own processes.

Contact me through email - - if you wish to learn more about the photographic work I do or the printing capabilities I have to reproduce most any kind of 2D or 3d work. Keep arting.


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White Sands Sunset

White Sands Sunset received Best of Show at the annual CPLG show at Academy Frame and Art in Colorado Springs. It was a nice surprise. The show is very nice. A lot of wonderful photography.

I am trying to move north with showing my work. I recently attended a number of shows in Denver during the Month of Photography. It was nice seeing all the photography and photography related shows all at one time. They have done a great job of getting all the spaces involved in photography. It is an event that happens every two years in Denver and at different venues up and down the front range. Unfortunately Pueblo did not get involved this year but perhaps I will work on that for the 2019 season event. I also learned through the gal that juried the CPLG show - Emma -  that it is helpful to do a portfolio review if one is to develop a presence for their work. The Redline Gallery in Denver will have a portfolio review showing of folks that had portfolio reviews during the Month of Photography on April 8th  - so I guess I will head up to see that and get a better understanding of what it all means. Deciding to make a mission to move forward through rejection and disappointment is the motto to follow. Follow the dream - Reach for the stars but dream beyond...

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How to start the new year I have not done much shooting this year yet- 2017 - but I am working on expanding my presence to a broader market then Pueblo. It can be tough road when you have to do it yourself and try to discover different avenues to market, show,be involved in community and continue to create. I have been going through my archive to make sure it is organized and reviewed RAW files to make sure I have not missed one of those cool images that you may not see the first time through. Each year when I do my backup, organization and labeling I try to make sure I can access important work and find other work that may be used for composites or specific calls for art. It can be difficult to get the file naming correct or the folder names for access but it can be a process that helps one achieve a sense of the over all types of work you have etc..

I back up all my work in RAW form, processed images and masters of printed work. I recently purchased a TB drive and with a full frame camera with files over 200MB that will fill up fast. But the price of drives has come down a lot since I started working with digital cameras and files so it is worth the investment to get them off the computer. I am not to the point where I trust the Cloud - must be how I learned and the processes I have used for along time so for me it all goes to an external hard drive. My masters get backed up to a different external hard drive just in case.

I was involved in a number of shows last year and had some success but not sure it advance my art presence per say but I think it did advance name recognition so that was a happy out come of entering and curating show in 2016. I will be having two pieces of working hanging at Academy Art and Frame Company in Colorado Springs in March as part of the Colorado Photography Learning Group. I look forward to exposing my work to folks up North and see if I can expand on that.

I have also decided to invest in some classes or presentations this year to expand my outlook. In March as part of the Month Of Photography in Denver the Denver Art Museum is hosting different photographers each week to give presentations about their work and process so I have signed up for the first presentation

Fri 7 PMDenver Art Museum · Denver
Carol has very interesting work and has shown in Portland,OR so you cannot go wrong with that. But the MOP - - will have photography in lots of location throughout Denver in March so check the calendar out and see if something fits for you and expand
our minds. 
Photo: digital composite of site in New Mexico  - the place was cool and the stars / full moon were out during our travels there.
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kddimaging 2017 Calendar - ready to sell - 5.5 x 8.5 - 6 page I have uploaded samples of my 2017 calendar - on my webpage -portfolios / 2017 calendar and Lake Book.  It has images from trips and excursions during 2016 in Colorado, New Mexico and some composite work. I enjoy gathering up the images and designing this calendar each year. It comes with a magnet clip that allows it to be hung on any metal surface and it has just enough room to mark events or schedules for the month.

Please contact me at if you are interested it having this cool calendar for your own. Below is July and August 2017 calendar that includes holiday and full moon times through out the year.


My self published book- Lake Pueblo & The Arkansas River -is also available to purchase - $25 includes shipping directly from me (email to request your copy)

Locations in Pueblo where you can purchase my book -

Lake Pueblo South Marina visitor center

El Pueblo Museum

Sangre De Cristo Arts Center gift shop

and you can check it out at the Rawlings Library -110 E. Abreindo


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"Visual Musings" - Photographic & Digital Composite Prints - Works by Kathi Drummond show I am finalizing the work for my show- "Visual Musings" that will hang at the Rawlings Library - 2nd floor Hispanic Resource Gallery 100 E. Abriendo Ave Pueblo,CO - November 8 -December 27 2016. The show will include works from my recent self published book- "Lake Pueblo & the Arkansas River" as well as other images that are photographs or composite images that I have created recently - 2015-2016.  I selected the name of the show Visual Musings because a number of the works in the show are digital composite images that I made using 2-3 images from each shoot that I went on this past year or so I am looking forward to seeing all the images together as a show and having the opportunity to hang work for public view.  It is always difficult to it a show to come together - I am my own worst critic. I have a hard time choosing images that work together and that I enjoyed creating so I hope this group of work is a success.  I had the same difficulty gathering up the images for my book but with a little help from friends and positive feed back I got it together.

If in Pueblo during those months stop by the library and see the show. No opening night  just images on display to enjoy... above is one image that will be show. I printed five larger images to hang this time because the image I had in the recent Spotlight on Pueblo show was tiny compared to the other work that was selected to hang at the Denver capital so I went bigger so we shall see how that goes.

My book "Lake Pueblo & The Arkansas River" is on sale now at El Pueblo Museum, Sangre De Cristo Arts Center gift shop, Lake Pueblo South Marina visitors Center. All in Pueblo,CO or by contacting me at

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Trying something New2 I recently completed a project that I have been working on for awhile. I self published a book , "Lake Pueblo & the Arkansas River" , with photographs I took and made of Lake Pueblo and the Arkansas River in Southern Colorado. With the images from the book I decided to try and create a book preview of the book digitally - a sort of flip book of the book. But it turns out it became more of a video preview then a flip book preview. However, trying something new was the intent so I worked with iMovie to create a visual piece that would show off the images in the book. Through this process I learned a few new tricks in iMovie that I did not know before. All of the video stuff started because my nephew is making movies on his iPad and he was very interested in showing me what he was doing - which I must say was pretty amazing for a nine year old. This got me thinking about what I might be able to do in the same vain with my book to help promote it on my website. It was a lot of fun putting it together and it is not perfect but it is a start. I learned something new and got a short video that will work for now.

I have self published one other book in the last few years and it is a nice feeling to get a hard copy printed piece of your own work. The process of putting the book together took me quite awhile but I have never been that great a choosing images of my own work for different shows etc.. so getting a cohesive group of images for a book was interesting to say the least but with the help of my partner I came up with a group I liked. Then came the design,layout and working with the printing company to get something you like. I understand the printing process part of it because I did a lot of that when I owned my own business in the NW but it took a few books and approximately one month to get it all right to my specification and wow it is finally ready to be seen by the world.

To view the video go to my portfolios header, scroll down to Lake Pueblo and the Arkansas River or it might show - (KDD 2016 Calendar) preview link and then click on the Fire Sunset image to play video. I hope you enjoy the photography and the feel of the video preview.

The book is for sale so if you like what you see contact me through email - - and I will get you your own copy. Details on the "Lake Pueblo & the Arkansas River" page.

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Try New Techniques I recently returned for a adventure through New Mexico and Colorado. While on the trip I wanted to try some different techniques that I have been interested in. I wanted to try shooting images by the full moon - which makes them appear they are shot in during the day but the stars expose, painting with light at night , in camera double exposures and shooting with on camera flash with the white balance set to tungsten. I achieved a few images that I think are successful and many that were not but that is not the point. The point was to try different creative techniques and create something new and different while out shooting in nature.

I also learned through out the process once I got home that I had issues with the auto white balance in my D800. I had not noticed this issue before with the setting but upon post processing a # of my RAW images I began to see that blue cast. I can fix this in post processing but it is better to get it in camera so now my mission will be to work on getting a custom white balance setting set up in camera to resolve this issue.

Other then that I will be working on editing ,processing and creating new images for another month or so because we went to quite a few interesting locations. In New Mexico we visited Fort Union, Carlsbad Caverns, National Petroglyph site, White Sands and the Pueblo in Taos and in Colorado we camped at the Black Canyon of the Gunnison and drove the West Elk mountain loop, just in time for the changing of the aspens and camped at Ruby Mountain campground - oh boy was that a colorful trip.


painting with light - stars and trees at campsite Ruby Mtn near Buena Vista,CO. The red is from the fire,blue from flashlight and yellow from the city of Buena Vista. 25 sec exposure at 3200 ISO while moving around with light.

double exposure in camera -  mtns west of campsite - the blue cast is from the white balance in camera being off but I liked it

At our campsite a Sumner Lake in New Mexico- the moon was full and the stars were out so I decided to try out this technique. Due to the longer exposure I got some movement in the clouds from the winds that would not stop but it help the image I think.


This image is deep in the Carlsbad Caverns. I wanted to add more light to the scene because yes it is quite dark 80 stories down in the cave. I set the camera for tungsten light white balance and popped up my on camera flash and had at it. It was hard to get a good overall images to represent the size and the shapes created in the cave but I hope this one gives and idea of those things.

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Fine Arts Show - Colorado State Fair grounds I got by to see the current fine arts show at the Colorado State fair where three of my images are hanging. There is some beautiful work to be seen, some interesting work and some just o.k. work but all in all if you want to see lots of work by Colorado professional and emerging artists  - the show is up through Sept 5th in Pueblo.


"Hawk Tree" - mixed Media

I did find out this year when I dropped off my work at the intake that if you take the art work on the 1st day of submission to the fair grounds the odds of securing a ribbon or prize are greater because the judges can view the art for it's size and style more accurately vs sending in a digital submission. This helps because it is not a projected image that is not as tangible as the art work sitting right in front of the judge. Plus I notice that bigger is better for prime placement in the space. It helps set apart your art form the rest because most times it occupies that space for itself. I have a smaller piece in the exhibit and it gets dwarfed by all the other art hanging around it. I intentionally made it small so that the viewer must walk right up to it to enjoy the art but since most of the work around it is larger it gets lost. Live and learn.

That has been my motto this month - you have to put yourself out there to see if any response is available. It can be discouraging to say the least but one must take away from each experience what it presented to them and make changes, adapt to an extent and move forward. As an artist it is not easy to say "I give up" because creating is part of your person. I will continue to create if for nothing else but myself but one would hope that some viewers of the work will appreciate the art and feel apart of it in there own way.

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Denver Botanical gardens - Must See I had the opportunity to finally go to the Denver Botanical gardens. What a wonderful venue. We arrived just at the right time. The flowers were in bloom, the lily ponds are full of blooms and the indoor tropical venue is just a sight to see. I had no expectations since I have not visited a botanical garden before. I have visited an arboretum in Seattle but this was far more exciting and stimulating. It was a beautiful day and the flow of the gardens made it seem like we were the only visitors. Getting to the gardens is easy,parking is easy and exiting is easy so it makes for a very pleasant experience.

An overcast day would have been better for the flower shooting but we would not have had the wonderful reflections of the clouds etc.. so all is well

I will have to go back in another season to see what the staff has up their sleeves for a different season but right now in August it is fantastic.


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History of Photography I will be presenting "A Brief History of Photography" at the Rawlings Library on Saturday Aug 20th at 4 pm in the Infozone in Pueblo. I have always been interested in history and when the library offered local photographer to do presentation over the summer I decided to put together a presentation about photography history. I learned alot doing the research and some I already knew but enjoyed discovering new things about the art process I love and enjoy.

Mark your calendars for the 20th of august and head down to our local library for this presentation.

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Summer photography fun I am working on putting together a book about Lake Pueblo and the Arkansas river. I sent the first version off to be printed yesterday and I am looking forward to seeing the finished product.

The fun of this project is self publishing. The joy of seeing your work in a printed book form is cool. I self published another book a number of years ago with the subject matter of images from the calendars I make every year- The first book I put together was done through Blurb and this next book I tried My Publisher. Each business has their own software that allows you to make it very easy to make a book- it does it all for you or you can chose to customize the book and you do the overall layout and set up. Each business software can be clunky but patience helps you to get it all organized and off to the press. My Publisher also has the ability to use InDesign to create you own layout in full then upload pdfs to the software. I believe that Blurb allows you to do the same. I cannot wait to compare the quality of both services and then maybe order more then one book to sell. Fingers crossed that the work is worth the effort.  It actually already is because I enjoy the process.

So, along with getting out and shooting this summer maybe try a new project that stimulates your creativity in a different direction. Either self publish a book, print some images you have never printed before, go back through your archive to re-examine work that might be great that you missed in editing the first time or work on a presentation for your local library or photography club.


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"Americas Park" juried exhibition - Sangre De Cristo Arts Center My image "Fishing Crow Road" ,a three image composite, has been selected to hang in a juried show "Americas Parks" at the Sangre De Cristo Arts Center Pueblo,CO  June 2016 through August 2016. There will be an Ansel Adams show hanging in another gallery at the same time. John Fielder - local Colorado photographer, juried the show. 50 artists images were selected out of hundreds submitted through Cafe online call to artist website.

The image is from a vacation trip to Yellowstone. We spent ten days going around, through and by everything we could see in that time period. We visited the Tetons then headed up into Yellowstone and even into Montana. We had a wonderful time and you can go back many times to the region and still see new things. But if you have never been it is a bucket list location to see. We did not see many animals but we did not hit all locations in the park that the variety of animals in the park hang out at - that is another trip in itself.

We did see lots of ravens on the trip - I swear one of them followed us around the region every place we visited. I love crows and ravens and they are great subjects to photograph. My friend on the trip got the best images of the ravens so we got our fill of photos.

Teton crowTeton crow

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"A Brief History of Photography" presentation rescheduled - Aug. 20th 2016 My presentation "A Brief History of Photography" has been rescheduled for August 20th 2016. There was a scheduling conflict at the Rawlings library for June 4, 2016. This change of schedule will give me more time to finalize and customize the presentation. I have had a lot of fun putting it together and have learned lots about the history of and people who help promote and create an amazing story. Today - 2016 - a new revolution can be seen through the use of cell phone photography and the access to quality cameras to anyone that is in the least bit interested in the artistic & functional medium of photography.  Below is a snippet from the presentation - images by three photographers who in there time were on the forefront. Robert Capa - war photographer who was one of the first to take us right into the horrors of war, Henri Cartier-Bresson - a pro at capturing the moment and giving us a feeling of what happens in that split second that can captivate us all & Richard Avedon - a master at portrait and fashion photography - one of the first to use natural lighting to show off the current fashions of the day. Each with his own distinct talent but on the leading edge of wonderful imagery.

(Artists mentioned and shown own all copyrights to images.)

The presentation will be full of examples such as these and much more.. Mark the calendar for the new date - August 20th, 20116 Rawlings Library - Pueblo,CO InfoZone


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"A Brief History of Photography" presentation June 4th 2016 I will be giving a presentation "A Brief History of Photography" on June 4th, 2016 at the Rawlings Library in Pueblo. It will be in the Infozone at 4 pm. I am excited to be showing an overview of the history of photography. I mean overview because there is a lot of history - inventions, inventors,equipment, uses and the artists that use photography to impact our lives.

While doing research for this I have discovered a lot of things about photography that I did not know. I do not pretend to be an expert but I enjoy history so I figured that with the show opening of Ansel Adams work at the Sangre De Cristo arts center in June 2016 this would be a great time to see where we have come from and where it is going in the use and field of photography. One of the reason I enjoy photography so much is that you never stop learning and exploring all the different aspects of the craft. I have been practicing my craft since I was in high school and have worked in most aspects of the business and art. I still- to this day- enjoy learning something new to try, master or explore in the process of creating my own images.

My presentation on the history of photography will kick off a summer of seminars on photography at the library. ANd from the seminars scheduled you can see the diversity of the art of photography and its uses. The summer series will end with a presentation & book signing by John Fielder - a local Colorado photographer that has impacted the way we see nature and Colorado - September 15th 2016 at 6:30 at the library.

HISTORY tidbit: All camera technology is based on the law of optics first discovered by Aristotle. By the mid-1500's a sketching device for artists, the camera obscura (dark chamber) was common. Th camera obscura was a lightproof box with a pinhole (later a lens was used) on one side and a translucent screen on the other. This screen was used for tracing by artists of the inverted image transmitted through the pinhole. the box could be very large or small - the pinhole camera.


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Steel City ArtWorks Annual Photography show -through May 2016 Hoven Weep CrowsHoven Weep Crows

The Steel City ArtWorks annual photography show will be on view May 6th - thru end of May. This year I decided to try my hand at a b&w entry - "Hovenweep" The two loving crows in the pic followed us around the national monument while we were visiting. And in the color catogory I entered "Tree House" a back lite view of mama crane and her baby in a tree up near Westcliffe CO. The theme for the show for me was birds. Stop in and see the show if you get a chance. Lots of photography to see.

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"Lake Pueblo with Spanish Peaks" juried into Spotlight on Pueblo show "Lake Pueblo with Spanish Peaks" has been selected in a juried show- Spotlight on Pueblo- to hang at the Colorado State capitol May-June 2016. It was selected with 40 other Pueblo artists that represent art that is being created in Pueblo. In coordination with the Pueblo Arts Alliance and Colorado Creative Industries a virtual DVD of the show will be available to purchase through the Arts Alliance. If you are in Denver and want a tour of the show and the capital building stop in.  My work is hanging in the Lt. Gov. office - you must schedule a visit to see this work along with approx. 20 other pieces.


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