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2015 images Jan - March 2015

March 18, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I have updated the different pages with images I have produced since the beginning of 2015. I have worked at trying to get some winter images added to my portfolio and I think I have been successful at making a few that I like.

I have also been making an effort to get out to Lake Pueblo and discover all the different areas around the state park. There are lots of hiking areas to be discovered. I get to make images and get exercise.

Next adventure is heading down to Monte Vista in Southern Colorado to find the Sandhill cranes that migrate through that area two times a year. I hear that up to 20,000 birds will be stopping there on their way to Idaho for the summer. They pick their mates then travel up north until fall when the return down south for the winter. I hope we can locate the flocks and get some interesting images. Also the Sand Dunes national monument is down that way so might just try my hand at so astorphotography while down that way.


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