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How to Categorize Images on my website

September 08, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I have been working on a new strategy to organize my portfolios on my website for years. I look at a variety of sites to compare what other artists are doing to make sense of the images we have on the sites and the best viewing by visitors as possible. I continue to try and discover what I like looking at and how the movement through the page or site interests me and keeps my attention. I am to literal as a person so creativity needs to come forward and expand how I view my work. I am currently reading a book about abstract expressionism and it is interesting how a historian or critic can come up with a vast number of insights to the process and how it fits in an order. What is the order of the images I create in how they are viewed and received? So I have added different categories to the site - National Parks and Monuments, Lake Pueblo and the Arkansas River and Feathered friends. It seems to give it better context and enables the viewer to get a sense of place or being. So I am moving forward with a different format and hope to come up with a better explanation for my landscapes vs the word "Landscapes" or "Trees".



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