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Trying something New2

October 13, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I recently completed a project that I have been working on for awhile. I self published a book , "Lake Pueblo & the Arkansas River" , with photographs I took and made of Lake Pueblo and the Arkansas River in Southern Colorado. With the images from the book I decided to try and create a book preview of the book digitally - a sort of flip book of the book. But it turns out it became more of a video preview then a flip book preview. However, trying something new was the intent so I worked with iMovie to create a visual piece that would show off the images in the book. Through this process I learned a few new tricks in iMovie that I did not know before. All of the video stuff started because my nephew is making movies on his iPad and he was very interested in showing me what he was doing - which I must say was pretty amazing for a nine year old. This got me thinking about what I might be able to do in the same vain with my book to help promote it on my website. It was a lot of fun putting it together and it is not perfect but it is a start. I learned something new and got a short video that will work for now.

I have self published one other book in the last few years and it is a nice feeling to get a hard copy printed piece of your own work. The process of putting the book together took me quite awhile but I have never been that great a choosing images of my own work for different shows etc.. so getting a cohesive group of images for a book was interesting to say the least but with the help of my partner I came up with a group I liked. Then came the design,layout and working with the printing company to get something you like. I understand the printing process part of it because I did a lot of that when I owned my own business in the NW but it took a few books and approximately one month to get it all right to my specification and wow it is finally ready to be seen by the world.

To view the video go to my portfolios header, scroll down to Lake Pueblo and the Arkansas River or it might show - (KDD 2016 Calendar) preview link and then click on the Fire Sunset image to play video. I hope you enjoy the photography and the feel of the video preview.

The book is for sale so if you like what you see contact me through email - - and I will get you your own copy. Details on the "Lake Pueblo & the Arkansas River" page.


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