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"A Brief History of Photography" presentation June 4th 2016

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I will be giving a presentation "A Brief History of Photography" on June 4th, 2016 at the Rawlings Library in Pueblo. It will be in the Infozone at 4 pm. I am excited to be showing an overview of the history of photography. I mean overview because there is a lot of history - inventions, inventors,equipment, uses and the artists that use photography to impact our lives.

While doing research for this I have discovered a lot of things about photography that I did not know. I do not pretend to be an expert but I enjoy history so I figured that with the show opening of Ansel Adams work at the Sangre De Cristo arts center in June 2016 this would be a great time to see where we have come from and where it is going in the use and field of photography. One of the reason I enjoy photography so much is that you never stop learning and exploring all the different aspects of the craft. I have been practicing my craft since I was in high school and have worked in most aspects of the business and art. I still- to this day- enjoy learning something new to try, master or explore in the process of creating my own images.

My presentation on the history of photography will kick off a summer of seminars on photography at the library. ANd from the seminars scheduled you can see the diversity of the art of photography and its uses. The summer series will end with a presentation & book signing by John Fielder - a local Colorado photographer that has impacted the way we see nature and Colorado - September 15th 2016 at 6:30 at the library.

HISTORY tidbit: All camera technology is based on the law of optics first discovered by Aristotle. By the mid-1500's a sketching device for artists, the camera obscura (dark chamber) was common. Th camera obscura was a lightproof box with a pinhole (later a lens was used) on one side and a translucent screen on the other. This screen was used for tracing by artists of the inverted image transmitted through the pinhole. the box could be very large or small - the pinhole camera.



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