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"A Brief History of Photography" presentation rescheduled - Aug. 20th 2016

June 02, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

My presentation "A Brief History of Photography" has been rescheduled for August 20th 2016. There was a scheduling conflict at the Rawlings library for June 4, 2016. This change of schedule will give me more time to finalize and customize the presentation. I have had a lot of fun putting it together and have learned lots about the history of and people who help promote and create an amazing story. Today - 2016 - a new revolution can be seen through the use of cell phone photography and the access to quality cameras to anyone that is in the least bit interested in the artistic & functional medium of photography.  Below is a snippet from the presentation - images by three photographers who in there time were on the forefront. Robert Capa - war photographer who was one of the first to take us right into the horrors of war, Henri Cartier-Bresson - a pro at capturing the moment and giving us a feeling of what happens in that split second that can captivate us all & Richard Avedon - a master at portrait and fashion photography - one of the first to use natural lighting to show off the current fashions of the day. Each with his own distinct talent but on the leading edge of wonderful imagery.

(Artists mentioned and shown own all copyrights to images.)

The presentation will be full of examples such as these and much more.. Mark the calendar for the new date - August 20th, 20116 Rawlings Library - Pueblo,CO InfoZone



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