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Summer photography fun

July 15, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I am working on putting together a book about Lake Pueblo and the Arkansas river. I sent the first version off to be printed yesterday and I am looking forward to seeing the finished product.

The fun of this project is self publishing. The joy of seeing your work in a printed book form is cool. I self published another book a number of years ago with the subject matter of images from the calendars I make every year- The first book I put together was done through Blurb and this next book I tried My Publisher. Each business has their own software that allows you to make it very easy to make a book- it does it all for you or you can chose to customize the book and you do the overall layout and set up. Each business software can be clunky but patience helps you to get it all organized and off to the press. My Publisher also has the ability to use InDesign to create you own layout in full then upload pdfs to the software. I believe that Blurb allows you to do the same. I cannot wait to compare the quality of both services and then maybe order more then one book to sell. Fingers crossed that the work is worth the effort.  It actually already is because I enjoy the process.

So, along with getting out and shooting this summer maybe try a new project that stimulates your creativity in a different direction. Either self publish a book, print some images you have never printed before, go back through your archive to re-examine work that might be great that you missed in editing the first time or work on a presentation for your local library or photography club.



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