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Denver Botanical gardens - Must See

August 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I had the opportunity to finally go to the Denver Botanical gardens. What a wonderful venue. We arrived just at the right time. The flowers were in bloom, the lily ponds are full of blooms and the indoor tropical venue is just a sight to see. I had no expectations since I have not visited a botanical garden before. I have visited an arboretum in Seattle but this was far more exciting and stimulating. It was a beautiful day and the flow of the gardens made it seem like we were the only visitors. Getting to the gardens is easy,parking is easy and exiting is easy so it makes for a very pleasant experience.

An overcast day would have been better for the flower shooting but we would not have had the wonderful reflections of the clouds etc.. so all is well

I will have to go back in another season to see what the staff has up their sleeves for a different season but right now in August it is fantastic.



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