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Fine Arts Show - Colorado State Fair grounds

August 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I got by to see the current fine arts show at the Colorado State fair where three of my images are hanging. There is some beautiful work to be seen, some interesting work and some just o.k. work but all in all if you want to see lots of work by Colorado professional and emerging artists  - the show is up through Sept 5th in Pueblo.


"Hawk Tree" - mixed Media

I did find out this year when I dropped off my work at the intake that if you take the art work on the 1st day of submission to the fair grounds the odds of securing a ribbon or prize are greater because the judges can view the art for it's size and style more accurately vs sending in a digital submission. This helps because it is not a projected image that is not as tangible as the art work sitting right in front of the judge. Plus I notice that bigger is better for prime placement in the space. It helps set apart your art form the rest because most times it occupies that space for itself. I have a smaller piece in the exhibit and it gets dwarfed by all the other art hanging around it. I intentionally made it small so that the viewer must walk right up to it to enjoy the art but since most of the work around it is larger it gets lost. Live and learn.

That has been my motto this month - you have to put yourself out there to see if any response is available. It can be discouraging to say the least but one must take away from each experience what it presented to them and make changes, adapt to an extent and move forward. As an artist it is not easy to say "I give up" because creating is part of your person. I will continue to create if for nothing else but myself but one would hope that some viewers of the work will appreciate the art and feel apart of it in there own way.


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