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Try New Techniques

September 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I recently returned for a adventure through New Mexico and Colorado. While on the trip I wanted to try some different techniques that I have been interested in. I wanted to try shooting images by the full moon - which makes them appear they are shot in during the day but the stars expose, painting with light at night , in camera double exposures and shooting with on camera flash with the white balance set to tungsten. I achieved a few images that I think are successful and many that were not but that is not the point. The point was to try different creative techniques and create something new and different while out shooting in nature.

I also learned through out the process once I got home that I had issues with the auto white balance in my D800. I had not noticed this issue before with the setting but upon post processing a # of my RAW images I began to see that blue cast. I can fix this in post processing but it is better to get it in camera so now my mission will be to work on getting a custom white balance setting set up in camera to resolve this issue.

Other then that I will be working on editing ,processing and creating new images for another month or so because we went to quite a few interesting locations. In New Mexico we visited Fort Union, Carlsbad Caverns, National Petroglyph site, White Sands and the Pueblo in Taos and in Colorado we camped at the Black Canyon of the Gunnison and drove the West Elk mountain loop, just in time for the changing of the aspens and camped at Ruby Mountain campground - oh boy was that a colorful trip.


painting with light - stars and trees at campsite Ruby Mtn near Buena Vista,CO. The red is from the fire,blue from flashlight and yellow from the city of Buena Vista. 25 sec exposure at 3200 ISO while moving around with light.

double exposure in camera -  mtns west of campsite - the blue cast is from the white balance in camera being off but I liked it

At our campsite a Sumner Lake in New Mexico- the moon was full and the stars were out so I decided to try out this technique. Due to the longer exposure I got some movement in the clouds from the winds that would not stop but it help the image I think.


This image is deep in the Carlsbad Caverns. I wanted to add more light to the scene because yes it is quite dark 80 stories down in the cave. I set the camera for tungsten light white balance and popped up my on camera flash and had at it. It was hard to get a good overall images to represent the size and the shapes created in the cave but I hope this one gives and idea of those things.


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