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Flowers from the Summer

November 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

©Kathi D. Drummond

I had a wine barrel full of beautiful wildflowers this summer and just went crazy taking photographs of the 8 or so different flowers that bloomed. The above image is a table top image I put together with a arrangement of some of the flowers in front of another image of mine that I created from a sunset at White Sands,NM.

I do not do a lot of table top work but it is always nice to stretch my photographic work to include table top work. I did a lot of table tops when I was going to school and when I worked in Seattle but since I do not have the space to set up lighting and leave it up I depend upon natural lighting in the studio area I have now. What fun it can be to try to create new work with items you have around you. Enjoy- and always stretch your creativity to include types of photography that you do not do much of...


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