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How to start the new year

February 16, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I have not done much shooting this year yet- 2017 - but I am working on expanding my presence to a broader market then Pueblo. It can be tough road when you have to do it yourself and try to discover different avenues to market, show,be involved in community and continue to create. I have been going through my archive to make sure it is organized and reviewed RAW files to make sure I have not missed one of those cool images that you may not see the first time through. Each year when I do my backup, organization and labeling I try to make sure I can access important work and find other work that may be used for composites or specific calls for art. It can be difficult to get the file naming correct or the folder names for access but it can be a process that helps one achieve a sense of the over all types of work you have etc..

I back up all my work in RAW form, processed images and masters of printed work. I recently purchased a TB drive and with a full frame camera with files over 200MB that will fill up fast. But the price of drives has come down a lot since I started working with digital cameras and files so it is worth the investment to get them off the computer. I am not to the point where I trust the Cloud - must be how I learned and the processes I have used for along time so for me it all goes to an external hard drive. My masters get backed up to a different external hard drive just in case.

I was involved in a number of shows last year and had some success but not sure it advance my art presence per say but I think it did advance name recognition so that was a happy out come of entering and curating show in 2016. I will be having two pieces of working hanging at Academy Art and Frame Company in Colorado Springs in March as part of the Colorado Photography Learning Group. I look forward to exposing my work to folks up North and see if I can expand on that.

I have also decided to invest in some classes or presentations this year to expand my outlook. In March as part of the Month Of Photography in Denver the Denver Art Museum is hosting different photographers each week to give presentations about their work and process so I have signed up for the first presentation

Fri 7 PMDenver Art Museum · Denver
Carol has very interesting work and has shown in Portland,OR so you cannot go wrong with that. But the MOP - - will have photography in lots of location throughout Denver in March so check the calendar out and see if something fits for you and expand
our minds. 
Photo: digital composite of site in New Mexico  - the place was cool and the stars / full moon were out during our travels there.


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