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White Sands Sunset

March 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

©Kathi D. Drummond

White Sands Sunset received Best of Show at the annual CPLG show at Academy Frame and Art in Colorado Springs. It was a nice surprise. The show is very nice. A lot of wonderful photography.

I am trying to move north with showing my work. I recently attended a number of shows in Denver during the Month of Photography. It was nice seeing all the photography and photography related shows all at one time. They have done a great job of getting all the spaces involved in photography. It is an event that happens every two years in Denver and at different venues up and down the front range. Unfortunately Pueblo did not get involved this year but perhaps I will work on that for the 2019 season event. I also learned through the gal that juried the CPLG show - Emma -  that it is helpful to do a portfolio review if one is to develop a presence for their work. The Redline Gallery in Denver will have a portfolio review showing of folks that had portfolio reviews during the Month of Photography on April 8th  - so I guess I will head up to see that and get a better understanding of what it all means. Deciding to make a mission to move forward through rejection and disappointment is the motto to follow. Follow the dream - Reach for the stars but dream beyond...


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